Precision machining for Oil and Gas sector in Canada

Our Experience in Machining for Oil & Gas Industry

Virdi Industry has deep experience in machining components and custom equipment for the Oil and Gas industry.

We provide CNC Machining, precision grinding, gearing, hydraulic work, forging and much more. We have the requisite machining and fabrication tools that are well suited for your needs. Having worked with various companies from the Oil and Gas sector, we know of the points of concern that are to be kept in mind when machining components.

We can provide you client examples and success stories of our work which has been affordable and quality focused. So to know more, give us a call today or schedule a visit.

How is Machining for Oil & Gas different with us?

Firstly, there is full confidentiality and required NDA's can be signed. Secondly, with the experience we have, we know of the challenges and how to refine your ideas further.

Our team has in depth knowledge of mechanical designs which helps us in better implementation of the machining processes. All concerned staff have experience in operating lathes, grinding and milling machines. Our team attends industry events, seminars and training keeping them up to date with the newest developments in Machining for Oil & Gas. But rather than hear us speak about it, visit or inquire about our Machining Services based in Calgary, to get a personal consultation.